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TERMS OF USE. Our General Conditions of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with Romanian law. In case of discrepancy between this version and the translated copies of our Terms of Use, the English version prevails. This site is a service publication of classified ads for meetings and dialogue between people of over 18 published by swingersdome.com thes "our Company". This site is named on the present TOS (terms of use) our "dating service". By becoming a member, you can exchange text messages, chat, etc. Some features are free and others are paid for by members of our dating service. They buy unlimited access over a fixed period renewable as flat-rate subscription, or account options that promote access and use of the service. These Terms of Use are the property of swingersdome.com. Consequently, and without this list being exhaustive, any dissemination, exploitation, representation, reproduction or use in whole or in part, in any medium, these Terms and Conditions for purposes other than strictly personal, is subject to prior authorization swingersdome.com. Without this authorization, the offender is liable to charges and criminal prosecution and civil penalties provided by law. 1 - REGISTRATION PROCEDURE OF MEMBER To be a member of our dating service, must be at least (e) 18 years and complete all required fields displayed in the forms Registration. The member may also accept registration via a site identified as one of our partners. As soon as the conditions necessary for registration are entered, each member has one or more identifier (s) and one or more word (s) and password, according to the different services our company or one of its selected partners whom he chose to enroll. These ID’s and passwords are strictly personal and confidential, they should never be shared with third parties. Attention: choose your username, once the registration form validated, you can not change it. You guarantee that your data are communicated with reality and is accurate. IMPORTANT - Confirmation mail: the intelligence a valid email is required to fully utilize and receive important information and activities to your account and to take advantage of special offers. To reconfirm mail: once the member has validated their registration via the form, he will receive an email confirming registration. Each member is free to unsubscribe at any time from one of the sites on which it is registered. This email address is kept confidential, and is a major advantage when the optimal use of Our dating service. Register via the social networking site Facebook: registration via their Facebook account is possible, so with the prior agreement of the member, registration faster and more convenient. Register and log in via Facebook allows members who chose this method of registration to save time. Information relating to our business meetings is not on the wall of the member. None of his Facebook contacts is and will be informed of the member's registration on our dating service. 2 - MODERATION A – MEMBER VALIDATION Once a new member have enrolled in our dating service, the Member can validate his profile going to the page "my photos"and pressing the button "unverified" and following the instructions to submit a request to validate to the web site administrator.Validated profiles will be viewed many times more than a profile without validation. A valid profile, since being confirmed as real identity, will be the most sought-after profile.The site administrator may request at any time the validation of the profile for safety reasons, and Member will be required to carry out the instructions for deliver to the administrator the information needed to validate.The lack of a member in the transmission of data necessary to validate the profile authorize the web site administrator to block the account. B - VALIDATION RULES GENERAL PICTURES Are denied the photos that clearly do not represent the member. Following shall not representative photos: animals, children, several people present on the plate, landscapes and minors. Are denied the writing on the photo. We reserve the right to refuse ads we seemed contrary to the terms of use. If non compliance of these Terms in this area, we reserve the right to remove or change the member's account without notice or possible refund. We reserve the right to control all or parts of messages posted, to remove and to remove any content that violates the terms hereof or of any wrongdoing would other way. If the member is being abused or harassed, we can prevent abuse using the link on this leprofil involved. 3 - OBLIGATION BETWEEN THE MEMBER AND THE SERVICE A - DUTY OF DATING SERVICE Our dating service provides remote service online meetings between individuals via major digital communications services and electronics. In trade between members, we put the tools and resources available to help each user to achieve their expectations and aspirations using this site. It is important for members to fill up their profile so that other members will do a picture closest to his personality. Our Company disclaims all liability for use of our services, data or information in violation of the prohibitions contained in these Terms herein. Technically, our Company undertakes to provide as much as possible a service of the highest quality and ensure a site with real profiles and assets so that each member can take advantage of all features free and paid site and thus to a maximum of meetings. Our company does not guarantee that its service and its features are usable if the ISP fails member in the performance of its own performance. As part of an exchange with a partner, a new registered on our dating service can be a member of another dating site in order to propose a more complete service and facilitate meetings. Each member is free to unsubscribe at any time from one of the sites on which it is registered. 4 - Obligations of the member and the precautionary principle By checking the box "I am an adult I have read and accept the General Terms" located above the submit button to register and validating their registration, the user agrees to join our dating service. By this action, you agree to be fully informed and you are bound by all provisions of these, then you agree to abide by our Terms of Service (TOS). You must read and accept these terms of use, to register on our dating site. A - OUR COMPANY REQUIRES EACH USER TO ENTER To be under at least 18 years. Do not use offensive language, obscene, discriminatory or violent. Do not use our website to send solicitations to professional or commercial nature, or series of presentations to venal character. Not to collect and store personal data from other users. To provide real data. A stay right with the other members. Do not ask for money in return for any service whatsoever. Not to promote another website or service any Don'ts of mass mailings of any personal information (email, phone number, or advertising.) Failure to comply with these obligations, we will be forced to apply a sanction ranging from warning to remove your profile without notice or refund. If the member is in contact with another member that does not meet any of these obligations, it is possible to inform us via the link reporting of Abuse located below each profile. If the member has a doubt about the honesty of another member or another member made indecent proposals, the member may notify us through the report abuse link located below each profile. We undertake to preserve his anonymity. WE CARE A PARTICULAR QUALITY PROFILES AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE . We also reply on users to notify us of suspicious patterns. 5 - CONDITIONS OF ACCESS TO OUR SERVICES MEETINGS A - After the registration the member can use the Trial Packege for 24 hours. The Trial Packege gives you the access of all the functions available on our web site. After the expiration of the 24 hours the member will have limited access to all our web site information.If the member want to have full access of our services the member, must become a subscriber and pay the fees that are set out. This price list is part of this agreement and we reserve the right, at any time, to change any fees or charges for using the Service. To become a Member, you must signup for the Service. When and if you signup to become a Member, you agree to provide accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by our profile registration form, and to maintain and update your information to keep it accurate, current and complete. B - CONDITIONS FOR USE OF PAID FEATURES OF OUR DATING SERVICE VIA THE WEBSITE: The member will benefit from access to features. If payment is by credit card , Paypal or SMS activation and acquisition of the subscription is almost simultaneous. 6 - REACTIVATION MODE OF SELECTED BY THE MEMBER SUBSCRIPTION When the member's subscription has expired, the member remains on the site, but can not access the features pay. It has the ability to activate a new one-click subscription that has previously chosen to take out or the same as he had contracted before. The member is either propose the reactivation, or taking a new subscription, or it goes in the "Subscription" then "Order". 7 - DURATION AND TERMINATION OF YOUR ACCOUNT MEMBER A - TIME Your registration is maintained until you decide for yourself to remove your profile. After 2 years of non-connection on our Dating Service data member is permanently and totally deleted from our database. B - TERMINATION Each member may terminate its registration with our dating service by requesting the closure of his account when he wants, with our Company, other than toll those related to the transmission of the request and without cause, including through the "My Account" or by any other means which may well be described in this topic. Cancel a subscription decided by the member takes effect upon the expiration of the current subscription provided that the notification is made by the member at least 48 h before the due date the current subscription. Data on the member will be destroyed at his request or at the expiration of the legal time after the termination of Member's account. Termination of your registration results in complete removal of your account and your posts and all your personal data in our possession. Reminder, after deleting your account, you can not bring any claim against our company. 8 - PRIVACY AND DATA PROTECTION OF MEMBER Our company has been declared to the Romanian authority for personal data protection (AUTORITATEA NATIONALA DE SUPRAVEGHERE A DATELOR CU CARACTER PERSONAL). We respect rigorously the personal data of each of our members, and are consistent with the standards for protecting privacy and personal data imposed by the Romanian authority (ANSDCP). A - Collection of member information At the time of registration, or purchase a subscription, it is requested the member to provide personal information. We recall that the seizure of certain information, data or content "sensitive" that members can provide on a voluntary basis may, under the responsibility of the Member concerned, reveal his ethnic origin, political opinions, philosophical or religious, his nationality, and / or sexual orientation. By entering this information, all optional, the Member agrees to make public, and indeed form explicit consent to process this data through its profile through our dating service and its partners are chosen. The data collected on our site, identified by an asterisk are required. B - Nature and use of information The personal data collected on our dating service can be the member's name, mailing address and / or electronic, telephone number and / or fixed phones, its bank information, information about his physical appearance, his hometown, age, photography, lifestyle, sexual orientation, religion, interests, personal values and use the service. Your personal data collected are used to offer prospective gifts or discounts, and learn about our different dating services or those of our selected partners. If you prefer not to receive our offers and those that our partners may send you, you can tell the time of registration, or thereafter at any time, going to "My Settings" on the dating site or by email. Adding a photo on her profile the member agrees to be among the list of recently enrolled. In addition, certain non-personal data may be collected, it is for example the member's browser version (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.), the type of operating system (Mac OS, Windows 98 , Windows7 etc..) and the IP address of the computer used by the member. The emails sent by our dating service objectives are to inform the member, receiving a new message, the visit of a Another member, to present members that meet their search criteria to use and fully enjoy our dating service. The member can set its choice of alerts directly to their account or choose not to receive by clicking the link at the bottom of each email. The member does not need to close his account to stop receiving emails from us. For security reasons, precautions are taken on our databases to archive member information in a secure environment. The personal data during registration that are not his descriptions and / or its presentation, and which are not displayed on their profile, will not be accessible to third parties or transmitted, sold or exchanged, except in cases referred to above and subject to the prior information and consent, or without any opposition on his part. The information constituting his search criteria and its description are available on our dating site, via the Internet (web), via email (newsletters), and via mobile phone (mobile navigation, mobile application). 9 - INFORMATION AND COMPLAINTS You can contact customer service 24 hours a 24, 7 days 7 from the menu "contact" footer.